Nancy Ruth released several singles in 2020, after recording in both New York and Spain: 
 Just Can't Let It Go - Extended Mix in Morocco, Breathing In Indigo, Where the Sea Melts to Sky,
and Turn the Lights Back Down. 

Nancy Ruth is currently in Spain (2021), writing, recording, and teaching out of her home studio on the Mediterranean. 

Nancy Ruth

Having toured Australia and Spain in 2017/8, as well as being a featured composer/ performer in the prestigious Saint Louis Jazz Festival 2019, this critically acclaimed artist is sure to surprise and inspire.  

"Not only does she sing ... she writes all of the songs as well as plays piano …both accessible and hip..." 
-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

“Nancy Ruth, a powerful and talented singer, combines together jazz, flamenco and Latin rhythms in a natural way, creating a fresh genre...”  – Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

"Nancy Ruth charmed the audience with her talent, authenticity and sincerity.  It was amazing to discover that Nancy had written the music herself; I don’t think anyone was expecting that."
 -Diana Allen, Jazz Australia founder; Order of Australia 

"She seems to be sucking the marrow out of life, making each song into a celebration of being and of passionately embracing the whole range of human emotions and experience."
 -Nikos Fotakis, Australian Jazz

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