1. Málaga

Music and Lyrics by Nancy Ruth

Voice: Nancy Ruth
Piano/ Trumpet: Víctor Vallejo
Guitar: Luis Robisco
Bass: Juan Soto
Drums/ Percussion: Juan Heredia
Saxes: Manuel Olmo
Trombone: José Luis Arias
BGs: Juan Antonio Molina


When I step off the plane
The sweetness in the salty breeze fills my happy lungs
It always feels the same
When I get back from overseas I’m feverish as the sun


Mi vida waits for me
Gonna take in every pleasure, gonna put away the map
I love the way it feels
To roll with every rhythm, sink my feet back in the sand


Malaga you’ve got a lot of stories to tell
Malaga you’ve got a lot of style with the spell
That you cast of those like me who gamble everything they’ve got
To chase the dream that you promise with your charms


Mi vida’s here for me
I’ll be following the treasure till I chase another map
I love the way I feel
When I’m rolling in the pleasure as my feet play in the sand