From the recording Turn the Lights Back Down

Music and Lyric/ Vocals: Nancy Ruth
Piano: John Di Martino
Bass and drums: Juan Soto
String arrangement written by: Joe Gianono
Strings recorded by: Mark Ferris
Background vocals: Monica Solaun and Cliff Levene
Recorded at Zampol Productions NYC and Estudio 555, Malaga, Spain
Mixed by Juan Soto at Estudio 555, Spain
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions, NYC
Published by Red Brick Songs on behalf of Salerosa Records


Let’s take it slow, turn the lights back down
I wanna savour each shadow and glow
Turn the lights back down

If you’ve been waiting as long as I’ve been longing to be found
Let me feel my way around
Turn the lights back down

Give me some time
To rest here in your arms
Where all the wires of my soul will unwind
Resting in your arms

I wanna seize every sigh as I unravel all your charms
Let it go without alarm
As I rest here in your arms

The overtones of the love you’ve grown enrapture and surround
With a sweeter sweeter sound
When you turn the lights back down