1. LLórame
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Music and Lyrics by Nancy Ruth

Voice/ Piano: Nancy Ruth
Guitar: Luis Robisco
Bass: Juan Soto
Percussion: Juan Heredia
Soprano Sax: Manuel Olmo
BGs: Juan Antonio Molina


Llórame, abrázame y llórame
You cry and lead my heart astray
You're stronger when you fall
You fall to my fragility
A quiet dose of ecstasy
That fades before the dawn
And then it's gone

Llórame, abrázame y llórame
You cry but you can never stay
You take me to my end
We're searching for the same embrace
Returning to a sacred place
Where love is love alone
Beyond the stone

Llórame, go softly as you race toward the burning sun
Llórame, and bring you light you seek