"Nancy Ruth, a powerful and talented singer, combines together jazz, flamenco and Latin rhythms in a natural way, creating a fresh genre that fits into all three idioms."  
 -Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

"Not only does she sing, she writes all of the songs as well as plays piano …both accessible and hip."  
-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly 



Jazz Corner Review of 'Turn the Lights Back Down'

Nancy Ruth's new single "Turn the Lights Back Down" is deeply expressive.

The song starts with a melancholic and deeply expressive piano melody. This elegant introduction immediately relaxes you and draws you into the atmospheric soundscape of the single. 


20 Questions with Nancy Ruth - Tinnitist

Nancy Ruth first brightened up this site when she shared her romantic single Turn the Lights Back Down back in August. Today, the globe-trotting, high-flying jazz singer-songwriter and pianist illuminates us further by answering my pointless questions. Frankly, I’m amazed…

Nancy Ruth Featured in Record World

World-Jazz Singer-Songwriter Nancy Ruth Urges You to “Turn The Lights Back Down” 

Canadian singer/songwriter Nancy Ruth has set forth her fourth single of the year into the world, a sultry ballad straight from her renowned repertoire of jazz, latin, and…

Jazz Corner Review of Breathing In Indigo

Nancy Ruth delivers an elegant, classy, and richly nuanced song with so much to offer in terms of attitude and passion on "Breathing in Indigo." The single immediately kicks off with a warm and melodious classic guitar arrangement, perfectly matching…

Sangria Jam is Back!

As venues start to re-open in Spain, Nancy Ruth's original band Sangria Jam has been re-mounted and is booking again. Playing hits from previous tours and along with new material, it feels great to be playing again.

Nancy Ruth in Morocco

After 18 years of travels throughout Morocco, vocalist and composer Nancy Ruth (Canada/ Spain) has created a cross-cultural music project featuring the unique talents of Moroccan musicians, which proves that music has no boundaries. Music unites, regardless of gender, language…

Recording in New York's Zampol Studios

Nancy Ruth spent the month of October 2019 recording new compositions at Zampol Productions in New York: a soundtrack piece featuring members of the New York Philharmonic and arranged by Joe Gianono ( Blood Sweat and Tears, Broadway, etc...), as…

Spanish film soundtrack feature

'Llórame' and 'Sigo Viviendo', two of Nancy's songs, will be featured on the soundtrack of the new film 'La Ley Del Embudo'. Official Release: November 29, 2019.

Nancy Ruth tours Australia

After a whirlwind seven week tour, several sold-out dates over eight venues, twenty-two internal flights and no lost luggage, Nancy thanks everyone who helped make this Australian tour of her original compositions a success. 

Cadence Magazine Feature

NANCY RUTH SANGRIA JAM (2016 SELF) The core of music is like a new road open to you; you do not know where it leads but travel it well with respect, for the destination is up to you alone. With…

L.A. Jazz Scene feature

 Nancy Ruth is a talented and powerful singer who was born and raised in Canada. Always a lover of both flamenco music and jazz, she moved to Spain in 2001. On Sangria Jam, she combines together jazz, flamenco and Latin…

Australian Jazz Feature

Nancy Ruth does not waste any time. Even when she’s at her most relaxed, introvert state, she sings with a particular kind of urgency, making sure that her audience does not miss out on her life-affirming message. With every little…