Singer-songwriter Nancy Ruth, whose audacious globe-trotting jazz fusions have made her a force to be reckoned with for some time now, is back with her fourth single this year: a sultry ballad. Recorded in New York, Vancouver, and Spain, before and during the coronavirus confinement (which caught Nancy while she was in Malaga, Spain, delaying her return to Canada), Turn the Lights Back Down  invites us to take pause during this time of global chaos, and tap into the love that connects us all.

Ever since leaving the Royal Conservatory in Canada and following her musical instincts to Spain, Nancy Ruth has been making music all over the globe, including stops in Morocco, Brunei, Polynesia, and Panama - and wherever she's gone, she's immersed herself in the musical traditions of the area she's visiting. Nancy Ruth is currently in Malaga, Spain. It's the ideal base of operations for an internationally recognized artist (she was recently a featured performer in Africa's biggest jazz festival in Saint Louis, Senegal) with a fearless, proudly cosmopolitan sound. 

"The blood boils a little hotter, the movements become more fluid, and the passion is exhumed much deeper from within the soul. This is the encounter one will feel with vocalist Nancy Ruth."
- Karl Stober, ejazznews

Turn the Lights Back Down

Nancy Ruth

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Turn the Lights Back Down

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Although it could be described as a romantic ballad, ‘turn the lights back down’ is also a way of saying, let’s cut down on all the noise and distraction, and focus on the love that connects us all.

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LYRICS - Turn the Lights Back Down

Let’s take it slow, turn the lights back down 
I wanna savour each shadow and glow 
Turn the lights back down 
If you’ve been waiting as long as I’ve been longing to be found 
Let me feel my way around 
Turn the lights back down 

Give me some time 
To rest here in your arms 
Where all the wires of my soul will unwind 
Resting in your arms 
I wanna seize every sigh as I unravel all your charms 
Let it go without alarm 
As I rest here in your arms 

The overtones of the love you’ve grown enrapture and surround 
with a sweeter sweeter sound 
When you turn the lights back down

CREDITS - Turn the Lights Back Down

Music and Lyric/ Vocals: Nancy Ruth  
Piano: John Di Martino  
Bass and drums: Juan Soto  
String arrangement written by: Joe Gianono  
Strings performed and recorded by: Mark Ferris  
Background vocals: Monica Solaun and Cliff Levene  
Recorded at Zampol Productions NYC and Estudio 555, Malaga, Spain  
Mixed by Juan Soto at Estudio 555, Spain  
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions, NYC 

Published by Salerosa Records.


*Nancy Ruth helped build the house and sailboat she grew up in - a log house in the woods of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and a 24 foot gaff-rigged schooner in which her family spent summers, sailing up and down the West Coast. 

*She was invited to sing in the Palace for the Royal Family of Brunei for a month in 1992. Singing in Malay, Indonesian and Japanese was only the beginning of that fascinating story… performing for the Sultan’s harem would be worthy of a memoir. 

*Nancy had to sign a ‘high risk activity clause’ in her contract for the long running musical theatre production ‘Beaver Creek Rendezvous’ in the Yukon (she starred from 1993 - 1997), due to her penchant for skydiving, river-rafting, fascination for bear watching, and other such adventures. 

*Nancy always knew she was bound for Spain - when she was eight years old, she intuitively learned the phrygian scale on the ukelele, which a lot of Spanish music is based on. Her family tree leads to the Spanish royal court of the Napoleonic Era. 

*She followed her musical instincts to Spain, to write songs and study, alone. She completely disconnected from the world during the first several stays (2001 - 2008): no phone, no internet - months of self-inflicted solitary confinement a year, just to work on her sound. 

*Nancy has been traveling through Morocco for the past 18 years, collaborating with musicians in Berber tribes, deserts, towns and cities from Tangier to Tiznit, and is working on a documentary about the process 

*She is not related to former Canadian senator Nancy Ruth. She was born Nancy Ruth Thornton-Trump and legally changed her name to Nancy Ruth in 1996. She never liked being a Trump. 

*She’s a Huff Post contributor, and her most popular articles are ‘I Forgot To Have Kids’ and ‘How I Became Fashionably Unfashionable’ .  Her most recent article was written for the Canadian V13 magazine. 

*She’s been the bandleader, composer and manager for most of the touring groups she’s put together, and doesn’t see being a woman in music a disadvantage, but rather, an advantage. The same goes with solo traveling, having visited or toured in over 60 countries. 

*She hasn’t had much interest in watching TV since the Beachcombers was cancelled in 1990.


Cover photo by David Ruiz
Cover design by Vladimir Orescanin