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  1. Bulería #1
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Bulería #1

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Music and Lyrics by Nancy Ruth

Voice/ Piano: Nancy Ruth
Guitar: Luis Robisco
Bass: Juan Soto
Drums/ Percussion: Juan Heredia
Flute: Manuel Olmo


Early in the morning when I find myself alone
I remember what you told me
In your brazen baritone
And I can't believe you said that
And I hope it isn't true
So I wrote this bulería for you

I've lied in the light of lives mistaken
And I've tried...
But my little heart has since awakened
And it follows the sound of the wind in my hair as I fly

You will never know what I know
When you say I don't know how to stay
You will never see what I see
Well I see the games that you all play
If you stick around, si te quedas verás que sí, que sí
You'll see hombre hombre, que sí, hombre