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Nancy Ruth - Breathing In Indigo

Spanish-Canadian singer-songwriter Nancy Ruth, whose audacious fusion of jazz, Latin music, experimental rock, and flamenco has made her a force to be reckoned with for some time now. 
Ever since leaving the Royal Conservatory, she's been making music all over the globe, including stops in Morocco, Brunei, Polynesia, and Panama - and wherever she's gone, she's immersed herself in the musical traditions of the area she's visiting. These days, Nancy Ruth makes her home in Malaga, Spain. It's the ideal base of operations for an internationally recognized artist (she was recently a featured performer in Africa's biggest jazz festival in Saint Louis, Senegal) with a fearless, proudly cosmopolitan sound.    
"Breathing In Indigo" her latest single, begins with a lightning-flash of flamenco guitar. From there, the group locks into a groove equally indebted to jazz, rock, and the flamenco bulería. Nancy Ruth illuminates the track (which, like most of her material, is her own composition) with a vocal performance that radiates passion: for life, for love, and for the infinite possibilities of modern music.    
With her flame-blonde curly hair, her explosive energy, and her effortlessly expressive face, Nancy Ruth has a powerful stage presence. The "Breathing In Indigo" video captures the seductive quality of her sound - the elegance of jazz, the sultriness of flamenco, and the immediate appeal of modern pop rock, all in a single package. 


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