Nancy Ruth Featured in Record World

World-Jazz Singer-Songwriter Nancy Ruth Urges You to “Turn The Lights Back Down” 

Canadian singer/songwriter Nancy Ruth has set forth her fourth single of the year into the world, a sultry ballad straight from her renowned repertoire of jazz, latin, and flamenco influences: “Turn the Lights Back Down”. 

“It invites us to take pause during this time of global chaos, and tap into the love that connects us all,” she shares of the inspiration behind the song. 

Nancy Ruth, of all people, knows very much about this concept firsthand. “I recorded this song between New York, Vancouver, and Spain, both before and during COVID-19 confinement,” she recalls of the process. “The onset of travel restrictions caught me while I was in Malaga, Spain, which delayed my return to Canada.” 

Originally from British Columbia, Nancy Ruth has made the world her stage, travelling to perform or reside in Morocco, Brunei, Polynesia, Panama, Spain, and more following esteemed studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Douglas College, and Berklee College of Music. (Read full article)

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