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After 18 years of travels throughout Morocco, vocalist and composer Nancy Ruth (Canada/ Spain) has created a cross-cultural music project featuring the unique talents of Moroccan musicians, which proves that music has no boundaries. Music unites, regardless of gender, language, religion or culture, making for this effortless synthesis of jazz, flamenco and Moroccan music.
“Just Can’t Let It Go” features the members of ’Nancy Ruth in Morocco’ based in Tangier.


I’ve tread upon these shores so many times
Coming back for what I left behind
And I try, but I just can’t let it go

Like the salmon up the stream, their instincts fatal
Against the tide they fight to reach their cradle
And they fight but they just can’t let it go

It’s a long lonely, lonely road to let it go

There’s always just a little more inside
And with the passing of the days, you just can’t hide it anymore
You try, but you just can’t let it go