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  1. Soar
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Music and Lyrics by Nancy Ruth

Voice: Nancy Ruth
Piano: Jean Louis Van Dam
Guitar: Luis Robisco
Bass: Juan Soto
Drums/ Percussion: Juan Heredia
Saxes/ Flute: Manuel Olmo
Trombone: José Luis Arias


I know you've got a lot to say
But you know I'd really rather play
When you're willing to risk it all
You'll find your heart will call you
To a endless holiday

And you'll say:
Everything that's happening is really happening to me
Everything I'm dreaming of is right in front of me to see
I beam as I glide into a takeoff from the shore
In great anticipation of the soar

I know you've had some finer days
But you know I’ve got a lighter way
Aim your heart into the wind
And you'll find you'll begin to
Take a flight that won't betray

Elation… of the soar