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Never thought I'd tell that story of how a bear chased me, near naked, through the woods just before showtime - this was a fun interview:

Spanish-Canadian singer-songwriter Nancy Ruth performs all over the world: Morocco, Brunei, Polynesia, and Panama. Her latest single/music video is entitled “Todo Para Ti,” translated “all for you.” 

Now residing in Malaga, Nancy Ruth grew up in British Columbia, and later studied at the Victoria Conservatory. Since then, she’s become an international artist, whose bold blend of jazz, Latin music, experimental rock, and flamenco has galvanized audiences wherever she performs. 

The music video for “Todo Para Ti” opens on a dazzling flamenco guitar flowing into a captivating melody composed of jazz flavors and flamenco buleria. The icing on the delicious musical cake is Ruth’s luscious voice, enflamed with passion and vibrant textures. 

With the resurgence of flamenco-infused Latin music, CelebMix sat down with Nancy Ruth to discover more about the source of her fervent music. 

How would you describe yourself? 

An artist – I’ll leave the musical descriptions to the listeners. 

What five things can’t you live without? 

Enthusiasm, my travel pillow and of course my piano, guitar and MacBook. 

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into? 

Arriving to do a show scratched, bruised and covered in mud after running through the woods nearly naked, trying to escape a bear while battling clouds of mosquitoes. I was performing a show in Canada’s North (Yukon Territory). The crew was furious at me for risking my life that way… in my mind I was just out for an adventurous afternoon rafting down a river on some tires. After that incident the boss put a ‘high risk activity’ clause in my contract. 

What’s your favorite song to belt out in the car or the shower? 



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