Now Means Later

​Do you remember when you first discovered the concept of time?   

I was on a beach in Sidney, B.C. where I grew up, and I drew the word “NOW” in the sand with a stick, only to watch the words being washed away by the waves. I then realised that ‘now’ doesn’t last for long unless you learn to live in it.   

Different cultures seem to experience time differently. For example, in Spain the word now usually means later. If you ask a waiter, “Can you bring me some olives?” He might reply:   

Ahora mismo (right now), which means: soon   
Ahora (now), which means: pretty soon   
Ahora después (now, later), which means: soon, after I do something else.   

In my creative work I sometimes feel rushed to finish a project. Then I think to myself, maybe it will be completed when its time is ‘now.’   

What does ‘now’ mean to you?

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