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Sangria Jam

In 2013 I started the Sangria Jam project, having encountered musicians here in Málaga that clicked into my musical vibe. I’ve been coming to this Southern Spanish shore for 12 years to write songs that flow from my flamenco/ jazz/ bolero influences, with lyrics that reflect my experiences living in this fascinating land of contrasts. Now it seems the forces have aligned to bring some of those songs to life.

Sometimes a project can take on a life of its own, on its own time. As I often find living here, as much as you’d like to plan something, you’re better off letting things take their natural course. So I’ve decided to not to plan for a release date, but rather to share the process and the songs as they come. Every Tuesday, I’ll be posting the ‘ingredients’ that make up the project, as well as the songs as they are recorded. Visit us here often, or join the mailing list for updates and the ‘Find Creative Inspiration’ Blog.


Ingredient # 1 – The Base Mix  July 15/14

Ingredient # 2 – A Great Start  July 22/14

Ingredient # 3 – Málaga July 29/14

Ingredient # 4 – Jazz Aug 2/14 

Ingredient # 5 – Flamenco Aug 9/14 

Ingredient # 6 – Bolero Aug 16/14  …read more